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Motor homes are a great choice for summer holidays and many find that it beats attempting long journeys with a caravan in tow! We would like to take a look at how you can decorate the interiors of your motor homes to make them more appealing on the eye and more comfortable for you and your family.

Besides, the standard designs of motor homes don't offer much in the way of being unique and you will appreciate the end result of a little personalisation. Regardless of how limited you are on space, a motor home can still be made to feel homely and will be an enjoyable place to spend a part of your summer holidays (when you are not out on adventures).

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What many standard motor homes are missing is colour because they are designed to appeal to a greater range of buyers. The good news ispersonalized anniversary gifts, you don't have to change furniture to add colour and your own taste - curtains, cushions and throws, bedding and other fabrics will offer as much colour as you need. Summer holidays should be bright and cheery so try to reflect that in your choice of colour.

Patchwork fabrics are also coming back this year and this means that you can experiment with two or more colours in cheap bedding sets - try a mix of tomato red and peach or yellow and turquoise. For more femininity and a space that is more soothing than lively you should try some warm neutrals such as coral or jade together with a neutral grey. Just like at home you can follow a certain theme such as vintage or country - just be careful not to cram too many accessories in and approach your theme with minimalism in mind.

Whilst on the subject of accessories, do your best to part with items that don't fit into your design and ultimately have no use within the motor home. With space in mind it is far better to add finishing touches with items that also have a functional use such as bedding, crockery, ready made blinds and light fittings. As with caravans, investing in an awning will be like adding a totally new room to your motor home and more often than not it is used as a comfortable dining space with folding chairs and table.

A small tip with furniture if you want to replace your existing - make sure they have smooth edges as a sharp corner will only call for minor accidents when trying to manoeuvre around a small space.

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