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'We're all going on a summer holiday.'- are you? Static caravans and camping with the family has long been a traditional way to spend those summer holidays. As our families grow and the years pass, we must overlook the state of the caravan and decide whether it is in need of a makeover. This summer will be a blast for the whole family when you take a quick look at some ideas we have for decorating static caravans. The main limitation many static caravans have is the space and so long as you make the most of what you have, the lack of space does not have to sacrifice your comfort.

Thankfullypersonalized anniversary gifts, static caravans are often designed to utilise the space in the best given way. It can be a big job to remove furniture and change the whole interior - so try to make small changes where you can with accessories, fabrics and a paint job or fresh wallpaper. With a family it is even more critical that your caravan has a good layout so that movement is not restricted and furniture doubles up as storage. To the make the most of bedrooms you need to look upwards for storage as opposed to floor furniture. A good layout might be some cupboards/cabinets placed above the bed on the back wall and for further storage you could try to fit compartments under the bed itself.

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The small space requires some tricks to open it up and make a small, often dark room, much lighter and bigger. Mirrors can really help this situation and can be placed on the wall or the fronts of wardrobes. The bathroom also tends to be small in size unless you have a luxury caravan. It is highly unlikely that you will have a bathtub and even less likely that you will be spending much time in there. For this reason, the decorating of a bathroom or toilet room is not as important as the rest of your van and should be kept simple and minimalist.

Having a lot of windows in the static caravan can be a blessing. You do want plenty of light to flood in during the day and to have good views of your natural surroundings. Then there will be times when you need to block the sun out and have some privacy. For this purpose you should consider blackout material for curtains that will easily let light in when pulled up but block light out when closed. Try to stay with block colours in a neutral or pale shade as loud prints or bold colours can be too demanding on a small space. To make your family more comfortable, you might want to take an awning with you or some additional tents so that everyone has plenty of space and privacy. Foam mattresses and warm blankets or a bed in a bag will be more than satisfactory for teens.

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