personalized anniversary gifts Summer Holidays – Part 1 - Caravan In-Tow funny cushion covers

Your loving caravan hasn't seen much of the road lately and probably hasn't had your company either. She will be thankful then, that the sun has started to heat things up and it won't be long before the summer holidays are whisking her and the family on an adventure. She, or your caravan, will need a good clean and maybe this year it wouldn't be a bad idea to redecorate the interiors - it will be your home for at least a week or two over the summer monthspersonalized anniversary gifts, so you will want to feel comfortable right?

Of course you will! It doesn't mean you have to spend all your holiday savings on decorating, but just to freshen things up a little - a new lick of paint perhaps? Some new cushions or dining utensils? Never the ones to let you down, here are some great ideas to bring the joy back into caravanning! Don't leave your personal style back home - you work so had on achieving the right look at home that it wouldn't harm to extend it to your caravan-in-tow.

personalized photo gifts for her

Then there is the comfort and homeliness that you won't want to miss out on whilst you are away - you can have the best of both worlds if you spare a little time and thought. Some people never update their caravans and if yours is like many households it will still represent a shocking 70's interior that doesn't do it justice. You don't have as many options when redesigning a caravan due to the shortage on shape - you will be looking for inspiration from modern day minimalism and useful storage solutions a la Scandinavia. One of the first things you might need to accomplish is ripping out any old carpets which can be a chore to clean if you are coming in and out with muddy shoes (it will happen in the British countryside - and you know for a fact that Summer doesn't exclude rain!)

A simple vinyl floor covering would be the best option for keeping the van clean and tidy. For the walls, it should be quite obvious that you go with lighter colours but don't assume that white is the only way to go. Yellow is very big just now so go with paler colours such as a pale citrus or buttermilk. Use one other colour as an accent such as grey, an uplifting blue or lilac. If you want to open up the space then you could try to place some mirrors where wall space provides.

Curtain fabrics should be streamlined and minimal, preferably black out curtains that will give ultimate privacy and keep unwanted light at bay or use a combination of curtains and blinds. Again, choose neutrals and avoid heavy patterns which will make your limited space appear cluttered. Bring items from home with you such as your favourite bed or sofa throw, a picture or two of you and the family which make it all the more cosy and homely.

Thanks for joining me on this fun quilt-making journey! Have you had a great time? If you’d like to see more fun and inspiring projects to make on your BERNINA, be sure to follow me over on my blog at ChristaQuilts.com. And don’t forget to check the end of this post for links to all of the Beaded Lanterns Quilt Along posts. This week, we will finish up our quilts by adding the binding. This is the same method I use for all of my quilts and it works great, every time!

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