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Over the weekend Dan and I went to Molbaks, a local nursery in Woodinville.?While we enjoy looking at plants, we mostly go there to buy random things like candles and ornaments. Their gift shop is?one of my favorite shops to peruse, especially around Christmas?when?they deck everything out. I was having a particularly rough week last week so Dan suggested we go to Molbaks to cheer me up. We had been there for less than five minutes when Dan walked up to me holding a really cute ceramic votive holder with a skull printed on it and told me we were getting it. Our apartment lacks Halloween spirit, except for pumpkin scented candles and the black glitter skull I made this past weekend. So I was more than happy to welcome this awesome skull votive holder to our abode.

As I?took?our new Halloween piece out of the bag I realized I had never done a Halloween home decor post on the blog before. Honestlypersonalized anniversary gifts, this is likely due to not feeling inspired. But this little skull candle holder completely changed my mind about what chic Halloween home decor can look like. If I had my way, my house would have little nooks devoted to Halloween. Nothing insane, but probably a few gothic black and white accents here and there. Definitely a lot more candles. Long tapered ivory candles with dramatic candlesticks. A fall wreath. Little pumpkins. You get my point. I scoured the internet for the chicest and not so obvious little Halloween accents to enhance your spooky spirit and here’;s what I found.

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Human Skull Ceramic Planter | Mudpuppy ?–; This skull ceramic planter is so cool! Everyone is currently?obsessed with cacti, succulents, and air plants because they’;re really low maintenance and you can get really creative with what you put them in. This is a great example of getting into the Halloween spirit and making it work with your regular decor.

Antiqued Brass Bottle Openers by Vagabond Vintage –; Another great option for something that’;s weird and spooky but not overtly Halloween. The claw bottle opener would look great at a party. Or sitting on your bar cart year round. It’;s unusual but pretty and functional.

Shimmer Orange Pumpkin –; I enjoy a good glittered pumpkin. This bedecked piece is gaudy. It reminds me of Cinderella more than Halloween so those who prefer a glam look will appreciate it.

Crate and Barrel Black Branch Wreath –; This immediately made me think of the first season of True Detective. Creepy, right? This black wreath is?both creepy and stylish and would look great hanging on your front door or above your mantle.

Pottery Barn Skull Ceramic Vase –; I love the look of a big white ceramic vase for flowers. Add a little skull detail and you’;re winning for cute Halloween home decor! I’;d fill this lovely vase with black branches, for a cool black and white feel. Or those awesome birch branches with the orange berries for a more festive vibe.

Burro Moonlight Surnada Candle –; I’;m very picky about candle scents so I?worry?about ordering candles online but I really love the bronze and black packaging of this one. Plus, the mixture of bay laurel, lemon verbena, Douglas Fir &; Jeffery Pine sounds heavenly.

Burro Black and Gold Match Bottle –; Are you a candle lover? If you are, I’;m betting you’;re equally interested in collecting matches. This cute little gold and black bottle filled with matches is just unique enough to sit near your newest candle.?I like that it looks like a bottle that would be marked poison.

Odin’;s Messengers Raven with Crown Ring Holder design by imm Living –; This little guy is so odd. I love designs that are unintentionally spooky and this Norse inspired raven ring holder is just what we need for a touch of Halloween spirit.

P.F. Candle Co. Spiced Pumpkin Candle from Moorea Seal –; This is the most perfect pumpkin scented candle. Are you listening? It is?the?best. I picked this up last year at Moorea Seal and immediately knew it would be my favorite candle, possibly of all time.

CONNOR Skull Folded Place Card Set –; If you’;re having a Halloween dinner, definitely check these out. Maybe you’;re not into parties per say, maybe you like spooky dinner parties. If so, these hand-stamped gold skull place cards would make a wonderful addition. Or even a fall wedding for a bit of chic creepiness.

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