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Special Agent TF, your mission is to update our dining rooms on a budget. We would love to know how we can create various looks without upsetting our bank managers - more formal, more fun, more dramatic and simply more special is all we are asking for! Start With A New Wall Colour -Painting the walls of your dining room or just one feature wall with a new colour is one of the cheapest ways to update.

Changing seasons or the need to be more fun/formal can be reasons why you may consider our first idea. Why not try one of this year's hottest colour trends on a focal wall such as hot pink or a bold green. If you wanted to be more formal you could try going for a muted shade on walls. On the other handpersonalized anniversary gifts, if you want to perk the space up try a brighter colour in red, orange or yellow. A Makeover For Dining Table And Chairs - You might not have the savings to buy your dream dining table and chairs yet, but in the meantime you can make a refreshing change with fabrics.

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Table cloths are inexpensive, with a range of colours and patterns to suit all styles. If you take measurements of your table, buying some cotton curtain material online and making your own tablecloth is possible for all levels of sewing skills - even for the beginner! Just remember to add the extra inches for how far you wish the table cloth to drop and another inch at all sides to make a simple hem. You could also buy curtain fabrics online to make your own cushion covers. Think Beyond Tables And Chairs - Unless you are a minimalist, you can change the look for your dining room by bringing in a piece of furniture that is less used in another room.

A bookcase or even an end table can be used as a decorative piece when used to display your favourite pieces, fresh flowers, china plates or family photos. Don't Shy From Bay Windows - Most people are a little unsure when it comes to dressing bay windows and many opt for the easiest route which is leaving them bare or almost bare.

Discover new ways to dress up your windows with bay window curtain poles that support the most beautiful of floor length curtains. There are two types of poles for bay windows which means you have lots of choice when dressing them up!

It’s easy for an office environment to be very uninviting. The necessary equipment in the space including computers, fax machines, copiers, rolling chairs and other items don’t really contribute to the warm tone of an office. That’s why many office owners and managers make the effort to incorporate plants into the décor of their offices. With the addition of a few plants, an office environment takes on a more pleasant atmosphere.

My wife is the biggest fan of giraffes. So when we were designing the nursery, she had to make a felt giraffe head for on the wall. Since only one animal isn't enough, she had to make at least two animals, so she also made an elephant.

The kitchen could be considered as the heart of the home, a place where people congregate to cook, eat and discuss the details of the day. If you are looking to give your kitchen a new look while still keeping it functional, a country-style kitchen could be just what you are looking for. Homely, comforting and forever stylish, the country look has been a popular choice among home owners for years.