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When we went from having two kids to three (all under the age of four), I thought for sure I would never leave the house again.? And I didn’t … at least for a while. ?My hurdle was to find someone I could trust our newborn with, all the while juggling my other two active toddlers.? I barely trusted myself to take all three to the grocery store by myself, so how was I going to trust someone else!

Fortunately, I found a great babysitter in our neighborhood, who started with us just watching the two older ones while I tended to the newborn (for a few hours a daypersonalized anniversary gifts, a couple of times a week).? It didn’t take long for me to realize that she could handle all three, and now I am back to my carefree lifestyle (where I now only worry 23 hours a day instead of 24).

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But whether you have one child, or five, we can all agree that finding a good babysitter is not easy, but it is definitely important to be patient and find the right one.? And probably for babysitters as well, finding a family to babysit can be a challenge too.? So what makes the right fit, for both Mom and babysitter?? I decided to ask our babysitter, Amy, a few questions about herself –; maybe the answers will help you understand what kind of qualities and characteristics go into a baby sitter you can trust.Here is the interview:

When did you first start babysitting?

I first started babysitting in seventh grade for my little brother, but before that I did ‘Mother’s Helper’ jobs from fifth grade to seventh grade.

What’s the best part of your of your job (babysitting)?

The best part of babysitting is knowing that I can impact these kids’; lives.? I have so many good memories of my babysitters from when I was little and all the fun things I did with them so I hope that some of the kids I babysit will be able to remember the fun things that I do with them too.

What’s the toughest part of the job?

The toughest part of the job is setting boundaries with the kids because I love having fun with the kids but at the same time I need them to respect me and listen to me because its my job to make sure that they’re safe above all else.

What is the most helpful thing a mom can do/prepare for you sitting?

The most helpful thing a mom can do is walk me through their entire routine or just write it down.? There are so many times when a mom is quickly goes through the routine and will leave something important out by accident and it can easily cause a problem during the job.

What do you find most surprising about babysitting?

The most surprising thing about babysitting is how much the kids can teach me.? I have learned so much about responsibility and patience.? Taking on the job of watching two or three kids by myself can be tough, but at the end of it I feel so empowered.? If I could handle that, I can handle anything!? And also reminds me to wait a very very long time before having my own kids.? Haha.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I’m really involved in my school, I’m Junior Class President, I’m on Debate Team and Model UN and I hope to go to UGA and then Law School!

What do you like to do when you are not babysitting?

When I am not babysitting, I am always hanging out with my friends and going shopping at J.Crew, my favorite store ever.? Or watching Real Housewives.? It’s so dramatic I love it. lol.

Do you know what you would like to study when you go to college?

I want to do Pre-Law with a minor in Political Science.

What is the craziest thing that happened to you while babysitting?

One time I went to the restroom and in the approximately four minutes I was gone the two kids had ripped down the blinds, spilled milk all over the floor and smashed a bowl.? It was pretty stressful; I didn’t babysit for them again.

Thankfully, that last episode did not take place while Amy was babysitting for us, but even if it had, we would have still begged her to come back.? If you find yourself a good baby sitter, hang onto her for as long as you can!? What are the qualities you look for when entrusting your most prized possessions to another person?

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