personalized anniversary gifts How To Set Your Christmas Table- Get the Skeates’ Look pillow covers floral

If you’;ve seen our Christmas TV advert you’;ll have spotted the Skeates’; beautifully arranged festive dining table and its elegantly frosted look. The Christmas table is a key part of the Skeates’; annual traditions, and is always taken care of by GG (short for Grandma Gilli), who loves exploring a new theme every year. For Christmas 2018personalized anniversary gifts, GG popped into Dunelm and fell in love with the sparkling silver, blue and white theme of our Northern Lights winter trend and built her look from there.

If you’;ve taken a fancy to this elegantly frosted table setting too, here’s how to recreate GG’;s dining look:

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Create a beautiful centrepiece. Lights and foliage are a great place to start for your Christmas table, either using candles or fairy lights, interwoven with a garland or real eucalyptus like GG used for her table. GG also used chrome lanterns filled with fairy lights to create more height and lots of dramatic sparkle, before placing baubles from our Northern Lights Christmas trend within the eucalyptus branches to add colour and festivity.

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