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This DIY Stenciled Halloween Table Runner first appeared on eighteen25 as a part of their Spooktacular September series. ?If you like this project you may also like these Light up Hanging Witch Hats.?

Recently I spied a Witch Halloween table runner in a catalog that I just HAD to have, instead of buying it I thought I’;d try making one myself.

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For this project, I used my Cricut. But if you don’;t have one don’;t worrypersonalized anniversary gifts, you can also do this project with a stencil that you purchase at the craft store. You can also cut your own stencil with an Exacto knife.

Ready to make one?

Table Runner: I could not find a solid black table runner. So I purchased a tablecloth that was the length I wanted and cut it to the width I needed (12″;). I then just pressed the raw edges under and sealed them with seam tape. NO sewing required!

Shape and Stencil Film for Cricut

White Acrylic paint

Small foam roller and paint tray

Cut out your stencil. Since I was cutting out my own I went ahead and put several witches on the cut out so that I would not have to move my stencil around as much.

The rest of the steps I’;m going to show you on a scrap of fabric since it’;s hard to photograph an entire table runner at one time!

Lay your stencil out on your fabric. Make sure it’;s positioned correctly.

Load up your foam roller brush and blot off any excess paint. You want the paint to be even not gloppy, too much paint on your roller will cause problems with your stencil. Also, buy a smaller paint roller than the one I used, it will be easier.

Roll the paint over your runner in even strokes moving mostly in the same direction.

Peel away and voila! You’;ve got your own custom printed Halloween Table Runner.

Now just add it to your table and decorate as you like.

My bedroom gets very chilly in the winter, so I decided to make myself a bedwarmer. It is easy to make (great for beginners), and only takes about a minute in the microwave to get warm. Leave it in your bed for five minutes, take it out, hop in, and enjoy a cozy and toasty night's sleep! A great bedtime bonus for kids and adults alike.

Not everyone can, or will create their own sewing pattern. Many people just want to know how to sew something wearable, using a commercial pattern. I teach beginning sewing to adults (for the most part) through our school district's Community Ed program. Most of the people I teach have never sewn a garment before, and find following the commercial written instructions the most difficult part of the whole sewing process. As with most industries, sewing/garment construction has it's own language. This tutorial will walk you through selecting a pattern, fabric, and construction......plus a few shortcuts thrown in for good measure, as I help my Granddaughter make her first dress.