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Hey friends! If you've already seen my post about how we updated our front door and curb appeal then you know we ran into a little problem in the process and had to tackle a DIY door repair as a result. When we installed the new door handle it was crooked. Don't believe me? Check it out. See how the bottom is too far to the right?!

The DIY door repair allowed us to fix the issue quickly and easily enough, thank goodness. Having a crooked door handle would have driven me and my husband NUTS. So, read on to learn exactly how we did it. This DIY door repair method is perfect for filling holes (like we needed to do). You can also use it to repair large rotted areas because the product we used can be shaped and molded.

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Here's a video to walk you through the project step-by-step. It's more detailed than the written instructions below for those of you that like to see everything from start to finish :)

Materials needed:


1) Mix a small amount of liquid soap into about 2 ounces of water.

2) Cut a small piece of yourEpoxy Putty Stickoff and knead it with your fingers until the color is totally uniform. You will feel it getting warm in your fingers. If it starts sticking to your fingerspersonalized anniversary gifts, dip your fingers in the soapy water and continue to knead. Know that the working life of the epoxy is short–it's only about 6 minutes after mixing.

3) Once the color is totally uniform, push the epoxy putty into the area you are repairing with your fingers. If needed, use a leveler card or old credit card to remove any part of the epoxy putty that protrudes higher than the surface of the wood. If the epoxy begins sticking to the card or your fingers, just rub the epoxy lightly with the soapy water mixture.

4) Allow the filled area to cure for at least 20 minutes. Here's the cool part–the epoxy putty is made from a RESIN and HARDENER, making it the perfect moldable putty for filling large holes, rotted areas and things like broken molding. Surfaces may be sanded, drilled, stained or painted after application. And the epoxy putty surface is even harder than the original wood!

5) After the epoxy putty cures, sand it until it is level with the surface of your door. Then cover it with paint! In our case, we had to drill a new hole that wascorrectly placedso that we could secure the bottom of our handleset. Now it's nice and straight!

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Are you starting to see a recurring theme around here??? There may be just a bit too much polka dotted”ness” going on. From the tween skirt tutorial last month to my Vintage style Polka Dot dress for the Oaks, I guess it’s easy to tell that I’ve been buying up quite a bit of polka dot fabric lately.

Today I’m going to show you how to make a quilted pillow for Christmas or any other holiday! This pillow uses a simple log cabin block, stitches up quickly and makes a wonderful gift!

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