personalized anniversary gifts DIY Distressed Gold Leaf Terracotta Pots custom anniversary gifts

These DIY Distressed Gold Leaf Terracotta Pots are so easy, so cute and so perfect for spring decorating. It’;s also the perfect easy DIY craft if you’;re looking for something creative to do for yourself or with the kids or even as a group project. Aged Terracotta pots just have a certain charm, so hang on because I’;m going to teach you how to create that aged Terracotta pot look in minutes.

I hadn’;t pulled out my gilding gold leaf supplies since I created a few projects and gold leafed everything within reach. You can see a few of my gilding with gold leaf projects here.?

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Decorating or painting terracotta pots is always a fun project, it’;s a great way to dress up a patio inexpensively.

I did a “;dry brush”; technique on these terracotta pots to give them that agedpersonalized anniversary gifts, distressed look. After it dried, I applied the gold leaf for fun. I love the look resulting in the cutest aged DIY Distressed Gold Leaf Terracotta Pots. I’;ll have to spray with a sealer that’;s recommended?especially if I plan on taking them outside this summer.

I’;m planning on grabbing some succulents or plants to plop inside, but until then, I pulled out all my faux greenery and just started clipping, trimming and placing a variety inside each pot. NEVER throw out old greenery, you may be surprised how you can recycle the look for something new.

I shot a video to show you the process if you need a more visual tutorial. I just set up my iPhone while creating this craft, so don’;t expect too much magic!

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I love them! The hint of gold with the distressed aged terracotta pot look is exactly what I was going for!

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