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valentines day gifts for him

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Have you seen enough Valentine clothing ideas?? I know, I know…;…;.there has been an overload already.? Haha.? But reallypersonalized anniversary gifts, hearts can be worn all year round…;…;.this has just been a good excuse to slap a heart on everything.? Thank you St. Valentine.

Here are the other 3 ideas that I have made for the little munchkins in our house.

? ?

(Click on each image to visit tutorial.)

Anyway, only one more shirt idea.? (Unless my husband suddenly changes his mind and wants a bright pink heart tie or a heart beanie or something.? Haha…;…;..I doubt it.)

And this one, is a quick and happy little Tshirt fix.? You know, for that plain Tee you have in your closet.?

So go and grab it (or buy a basic Tee at Target/WalMart.? I really like the Target Mossimo plain tees for stuff like this.)…;…;.and also a little bit of scrap knit from some other re-purposing-cut-up-tshirt-project.? Because you’;ll need that too for the little peek-a-boo color in the background.

And no, I didn’;t actually use cookie cutters to make this shirt.? But those little cut-outs of hearts, all perfectly lined up…;…;.look like a pan of cut-out sugar cookies.? Right??

And I really did try to be the one wearing the shirt in these pictures…;…;but you know how that goes when trying to take a picture of yourself.? (I didn’;t have a husband handy to help me.)? Either your face fits in the frame or some other part of your body.? But never both.? Ha.? You get the idea though.

Good thing there’;s a mannequin at my house.

If you look closely, you can see that those little soldier hearts are cut out of the main shirt…;…;..and then they are backed with the lighter pink fabric (one big piece of light pink fabric behind there) and each little heart has stitching all the way around, securing the back fabric right to the shirt.

Maybe it seems like a lengthy project…;…;but it all comes together pretty quickly.? And is a great little knit Tee, any time of the year.? (And really, would be great for the little girls too.)

Would you like to make your own Cookie Cutter Heart Shirt?

To begin, turn your shirt inside out and iron a piece of interfacing to the WRONG side of the front of the shirt, that is bigger than the space where you’;ll be placing your hearts.? The interfacing ironed to the back will stiffen up the fabric and keep it from stretching.? (Need more help with interfacing?? Click here.)

Then turn the shirt right side out again and trace around a little cut-out paper heart 9 times, with chalk.

Then turn the shirt right side out again (being careful not to smudge your chalk) and place a piece of lighter colored knit right over the interfacing.? Make sure it’;s nice and flat and smoothed out (but don’;t stretch it) and pin around the edges.? You could also use a woven cotton for the backing but keep in mind that wovens don’;t stretch and will change the stretchiness of the front of the shirt.? But it would still work and would be just as cute.? (Just be sure it’;s not a see through woven cotton.)

Then turn it right side out one more time and then stitch right around each of your chalk tracings.? Increase your stitch length so that your stitches are more visible.? (I turned mine up to about a 4 out of 5.)

Then slide your hand to the inside of the shirt and pull the light pink knit back away from the front of the shirt…;.and then snip through the front shirt fabric (and interfacing).

Then cut around the entire heart, staying pretty close (1/16 –; 1/8 of an inch) from the stitched seam.? (Be very careful to not cut through that attached layer of fabric on the back.)

Do the same with all 9 hearts.

Then turn your shirt inside out and peel back the excess amount of interfacing, if you had any, and trim it away.

Trim away any of the extra fabric too.

And that’;s it.

Your little Cookie Cutter Heart shirt is finished.

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Frames are expensive y'all. If you have been hanging out here in the last few weeks, you know I recently revealed our brand new master bedroom art and I am TOTALLY in love with it. You can see it in all its beautiful and colorful glory in this post. When we got it all in, I started to think about how I wanted to frame it all. The price tag to buy that many large frames hurt. A lot. So of course I turned to Pinterest for ideas onDIY frames. And boy did I find all kinds of inspiration! A lot of my blogger friends (and some super talented people I don't actually know) have put together some amazing tutorials on how to createDIY frames. Joe and I came up with our own budget friendly way to frame our large scale art, which you will see below, but I felt like y'all needed to see ALL the great ways to frame your wall decor that I found. No matter what you are trying to display, I know one of these will work perfectly (and not blow your budget!)