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Science and natural history are a key influence on our easy-going unisex trend: Regeneration. An evolution of the ever popular modern mid-century look, this eclectic style offers a more mature retro-salvage feel that is casual and easy to live with. Ideal for the busy modern household, Regeneration balances a robust and accessible style with a liveability that can be used across your home.

Taking influences from traditionally masculine textiles, the soft furnishings that make up our regeneration look are inspired by menswearpersonalized anniversary gifts, mixing naturally distressed fabrics with diffused checks and stripes. We’ve added modern patchwork and phrenology style references to emphasise the eclectic vibe, and brought on-trend salvage influences into the mix with upcycled crates and tyres used as interesting storage solutions.

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Interesting details like monochromatic dinnerware with dipped-edge plates and insect illustrations work perfectly with etched placemats, miscellaneous jars and leafy greens. These little touches work wonderfully against the practicality that is at the core of this trend, and balance out industrial feel furniture, like our upcycle-inspired Spitalfields collection.

Spitalfields Nest of 3 Tables, £149.99

Slate grey blends with olive green and indigo to make this urban trend rugged yet stylish. Illustrations of botanical specimens and x-rays of bugs and butterflies are teamed with brass and iron accents with fern plants, succulents and eucalyptus leaves to complete the look.

Regen Tapestry Cushion, £9.99

Grey Pebble Wool Rug,?from £79.99

Dragonfly cushion £9.99

Studded Metal Wall Clock £29.99

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Here at Unison we’re committed to working with vendors that provide a high level of craftsmanship and quality products. Did you know our throw pillows are?handprinted and sewn in the USA?

I talk a lot about clean beauty because it is so often overlooked when people are making health and wellness decisions. Eating organic is great, but you must also remove toxins from your skincare (your skin is your largest organ). And if you’re beginning to think about your skin as the magnificent organ that it is, well then how are you covering it? What are you resting it on? What are you using in your environment? The reason I rebranded and chose the name Fe'Lix, Inside & Out was to allow me the opportunity to examine how all of the choices we make contribute to our overall wellness. My goal is to shine a light on the forgotten places. Food, skincare, home, and textiles; in wellness, it all matters. Today, that forgotten place is organic linens, specifically bedding. I'm excited to partner with Coyuchi not only to share information on this topic but also to illuminate this brand that is so far beyond its peers. Yup, I'm adding Coyuchi to my growing list of Brands that Do More. Scientists say we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Which, for most of us, means we spend that time in our beds. While we may be fretting over what we're putting in our bodies, where we're sleeping is often overlooked. Trust me — I'm not here to preach from perfection... I'm a work in progress, too. In fact, even knowing that I should switch to organic linens and textiles, it has still taken me YEARS to make the switch in my master bedroom. The kids have had organic linens and mattresses from the very beginning. It's another example of making something a priority for my children 'because their little bodies need extra care', and not thinking about what I'm doing to/for myself. This is not new, you may recall, my aha moment for transitioning to clean beauty stemmed from realizing I was so careful with my children's products, and putting toxic junk on my own face. After a lot of half-searching, I finally decided that bedding would be the next big undertaking in our household. And I get it, it's not an easy transition to make. But investing in quality organic bedding is an investment in both the health of our skin and our sleep. Once I decided that this would be a move worth making, my search led me to Coyuchi. Allow me to reiterate: our skin is our largest organ. It processes not only what we put on it, but what it comes in contact with daily. Ask anyone who has ever experienced contact dermatitis or an allergic reaction. My mother is allergic to wool — if she so much as walks along a wool rug (and kicks particles up into the air), her exposed skin will begin to break out in hives. But even if you do not have a true allergy, exposure to toxic ingredients will affect your health over time. We are living, breathing, complex systems that are processing the environment around us. But before you can make a choice, you need to know what to look for, So let's break it down. All the Certifications GOTS Certified The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a certification that limits the use of toxic bleaches, dyes, and other chemical inputs during the production process of textiles. It is internationally recognized as the most stringent organic textile standard because it goes far beyond verifying the organic farming process to include every step of manufacturing.

Hey WeAllSew fans! This is Amy Gutierrez, Director of Marketing for BERNINA, here to share with you my visit to this year’s Sewing Summit. Despite its sophomore year in existence, this was my first trip to the Sewing Summit and *knock on wood* it won’t be my last! The Sewing Summit is held at The Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah, where modern sewists connect with like-minded others in a fun and inspiring setting. The retreat attracts about 500 bloggers who come for hands-on workshops, networking events, inspiring speakers, and informative lectures to help advance their sewing and blogging skills. When I walked into the room, I could practically feel the creative energy as it was buzzing and humming all around me, and I thought, “These are definitely my peeps.”