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Encompassing nomadic tribes throughout the world this interior design trend includes a deliberate mismatch of patterns, with a variety of textures being seen in materials and fabrics from near and far. Hand crafted pieces continue to grow in popularity as more people place value on furnishings and furniture made from artisans rather than mass produced. Patchwork is a key feature of this trend's soft furnishings and not just as a bedspreads and cushions! Hexagonal patchwork is being used to upholster furnishings along with accessories.

Asymmetrical shapespersonalized anniversary gifts, bright colours used in blocks and highly reflective surfaces bring a fresh new look to this autumn and winter and will undoubtedly help to banish the winter blues. This interior design trend offers a fresh new look which is in many ways similar to the heady days of the 1960's and early 70's where hexagonal patchwork was used for skirts and shirts bridging the gap between femininity and masculinity so that they sit side-by-side to create a fun and funky look to your home.

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With the trend also being based on recycling or up-cycling you can revive your out-dated clothes and while away the winter evenings making patchwork or knitting cable styled cushions covers in rich plum or grey colours to bring old sitting next to new in perfect harmony and balalnce.

Tribal: Tribal prints will add an infusion of colour into rooms. Look for patchwork duvet cover sets if you don't have the time or inclination to make your own and yet your want to embrace this fabulous look. Add bed cushions and bed runners in contrasting colours and patterns to bring a new look to your bed and bedroom. Tribal prints and patterns which contain zigzags are key features. Team these bright colours and patterns with plain sofa and chairs to bring a zingy and trendy look to dull and boring lounges. Add tribal patterned inspired rugs for added comfort and warmth.

Geometrics: Full length curtains geometric Jacquard blackout curtains are ideal, with the lining helping to keep your home warm and cosy. Use a contrast of two tone geometric shapes for sofa throws and cushions. Double duvet covers with a geometric pattern in muted sage green and plum (both of these colours are on-trend this autumn/winter). Add more masculinity if you wish by incorporating charcoal grey teamed with zesty yellow.

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You don’t have to have a giant tree in your home to celebrate the holidays in style. This mini-sized skirt fits tabletop trees and is a great way to dress up your home with just a little fabric.

I’ve been sewing since I was 13 and am always amazed when I find a new tool and wonder how I ever got along without it. ?Here are some of my favorite finds from the last few years. If you are just learning how to sew and consider yourself a beginner, I hope you find this list helpful.