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We offer a variety of organic pillows to suit your needs, with varying levels of comfort and support. With all these options, sometimes people ask us for some help deciding which pillow is right for them! This blog post will provide a guide to our different organic pillows and accessories that provide Safe Healthy Sleep? for adults and children.

Organic Cotton/Non-GMO PLA Pillow

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Great for children and adults, our organic cotton/PLA pillow is light, soft and resilient. It has low-medium loft, which is the pillow’s height on the bed. A medium or low loft pillow is ideal for back sleepers so that your neck doesn’t roll uncomfortably toward your chest with a higher, fluffier pillow. It’s also good for stomach sleepers to maintain a healthier postural alignment while you sleep. Again, a high loft pillow might leave you with a sore neck. The PLA pillow comes in a Junior size for toddlers and kidspersonalized anniversary gifts, as well as Standard, Standard Low-Fill (for lower loft), Queen, and King sizes to match your mattress size. The PLA pillow is machine washable too!

Organic Cotton/PLA Pillow Recap:–; Low to medium loft–; Good for back sleepers–; Good for stomach sleepers–; Available in Junior, Standard, Standard Low-Fill, Queen, and King–; Machine Wash and Dry

Organic Cotton/Kapok Pillow

The organic cotton/kapok pillow is made with organic cotton fill and organic kapok, which is also called “silk cotton.” It’s a lighter, fluffier fiber that provides extra loft in your pillow. Kapok’s extra loft may settle over time, so this pillow starts out with higher loft but may end up with medium loft, making it ideal for back or stomach sleepers. Spot clean only. Available in Junior size for toddlers, Standard, Standard Low Fill, Queen, and King sizes.

Organic Cotton/Kapok Pillow Recap:–; Low to medium loft–; Good for back sleepers–; Good for stomach sleepers–; Available in Junior, Standard, Standard Low-Fill, Queen, and King–; Spot clean only

Trio Organic Latex Pillow

The Trio organic latex pillow is a customizable pillow, featuring an inner pillow filled with shredded latex and an outer encasement of quilted organic cotton for a soft and fluffy feel. Its higher loft makes it a great choice for side sleepers, though the shredded latex may settle over time so it’s a good idea to re-fluff your pillow by shaking it when you change the sheets! If you find that the pillow is too high or fluffy for you, the outer encasement is removable so you can sleep directly on the shredded latex pillow within, or you can remove some of the shredded latex to create a custom firmness level. The outer encasement is washable but the pillow itself is spot clean only. Available in Standard, Queen, and King sizes.

Trio Organic Pillow Recap:–; Medium to high loft–; Good for side sleepers–; Customizable comfort levels–; Available in Standard, Queen, and King–; Outer encasement is machine washable–; Pillow spot clean only

Organic Sculpted Latex Pillow

This organic latex pillow is made with a solid core of extra soft organic latex designed to cradle your head and neck for proper alignment, making this pillow a good choice for side sleepers. It comes in Standard and Queen sizes and is spot clean only.

Organic Sculpted Latex Pillow Recap:–; Medium to high loft–; Good for side sleepers–; Available in Standard and Queen–; Spot clean only

Tips and Tricks for Organic Pillows

If you find that your pillow’s fluffiness is flattening out over time, try fluffing it in the dryer with a few dryer balls (or tennis balls in a pinch) to re-fluff the filling. You can also shift the contents of your pillow when you change your sheets by gently shaking and breaking up any flattened areas.

With a machine washable pillow, run the spin cycle a second time to remove excess moisture and reduce dry time. It may still take a couple of cycles through the dryer to completely dry the whole pillow. Using dryer balls or tennis balls should speed up the process and keep your pillow’s fill fluffier.

We hope that this guide to our organic pillows has helped you make an informed decision on which pillow is right for your needs. Find your perfect Naturepedic organic pillow today.

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