anniversary gifts for couples Spruce up everyday objects with these easy ideas from Kendyl Middelbeek and create four looks with leather sofa pillow covers

Spruce up everyday objects with these easy ideas from Kendyl Middelbeek

1. Use a good quality piece of leather large enough to cover the area of a stool. Cut out two circles of equal size, the area of the stool seat, plus enough extra to cover the edges. Measure and mark out spaces around the circumference of the leather circles for the cord to be threaded through. Make the holes using a leather punch, making sure circles line up. Place circles on top and bottom of seat and thread leather cord through.

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2. Use three different textures or colours of leather of equal size to create leather envelopes. Measure and mark out equal spaces along a wooden boardanniversary gifts for couples, then hammer a nail in the top centre of the first piece of leather. Fold the bottom edge up to meet the top and hammer in a nail in each corner to secure. Repeat with the two other pieces.

3. PVC leather is a good choice for this to avoid water marks. Decide on your desired pattern and mark out on the leather. Cut out pieces using a sharp scalpel. Use smooth-surfaced coasters, and cover with fabric glue, then carefully glue down the leather pattern pieces. Once dry, dab leather glue around the edge of the coasters, and wind around leather cord to finish.

4. Measure out a piece of leather the height of your notebook, and 2.75 times the width. Apply fabric glue to the front of the notebook and glue face down onto the leather. Repeat with the back of the notebook (do not glue spine). Once dry, create two small slits in the front leather flap that is to be folded over, and thread through the leather cord, securing on the inside with a dab of glue. Fold flap over and tie leather cord to secure.

Pot and plants from The Botanist; mug and copper spoon from Collected; white sneakers, ceramic pot and notebook from Father Rabbit

Created by: Kendyl MiddelbeekPhotography by: Melanie Jenkins @ Flash StudiosInterior Designer: Kendyl Middelbeek

One of the most classic decorating palettes is black and white. It never goes out of style and is anything but 'basic.' The combination can look crisp and casual or sophisticated and stylish. Black is a color that anchors and grounds; in fact, any room will benefit with a bit of black to add definition to its focal point color. We have a whole week of beautiful black and white pillows for you, starting today with our extra-large Squares & Stripes. Its dramatic pinwheel center is achieved with clever cutting and careful seaming.

A First Holy Communion is a special day in some Christian faiths, particularly within Catholicism. Members of the Catholic Church will have their children take their first communion when they are believed to be able to fully understand their faith and the meaning of the event. Taking communion is considered a child’s first public act of declaring his/her religion, thus it is typically followed by a party and gifts. Family and close friends celebrate this happy occasion with gifts and warm wishes. Appropriate gifts depend on your personal relationship to the child, their family, and your own familiarity with the Catholic faith. We at Memorable Gifts find that the best gifts to give children on their First Communion are religious related items. Items with religious symbols or even things like a Bible, rosary, or prayer book can help the child continue their Catholic foundation at home. Jewelry is also a traditional gift for girls however; ask the parents ahead of time if you are thinking about getting their son a small cross necklace or ring. Photo albums and frames are another great gift and help to keep memories alive for the child and parents. Whatever your gift may be, remember that this day is important to the child, the family, and the Catholic faith and should be respected and celebrated. Memorable Gifts has a great selection of First Communion gifts that are sure to be cherished and adored. Our top 6 gifts are pictured below.