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We thought it might be fun to see what we could do to turn supermarket flowers (you know the ones wrapped in cellophane) into something special for the holidays. And guess what? We did it!

Here are some simple arrangements that you can do and transform your table into an elegant holiday setting.

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? Look around the house for a favorite vase, ginger jar or a soup tureen $n/c? A 1/2block of floral foam soaked 1.25? Cut your evergreen trees and greenery bushes n/c? 1 dozen red roses $9.99? 1 bouquet of white lilies 5.99? 3 berry stems from local craft store 1.99? Christmas ornaments 3 or 4 (from home) n/c

Total: $19.22


? Look around the house for a suitable container, it can be a soup tureenanniversary gifts for couples, a beautiful bowl – just use your imagination.? Cut a piece of floral foam to fit the bowl making sure the foam is 1” higher than the bowl? ?Fill with greens from your garden? Arrange the roses (the center rose should be the highest flower)? Fill in with white lilies around – as shown? Add some berries? Place a wire through the top of each ornament and place in the arrangement


? Our favorite Suzanne Kasler Christmas sled (HC702)? Greenery from my shrubs/garden n/c? A small wrapped package 4 x 6 n/c? 6 red roses/holly berry stem $6.99? 1 bouquet of gerber daisies and alstromeria 5.99? ? block of floral foam soaked 1.25

Total: $14.23


? Place a rectangular plastic container inside sled and place soaked floral foam inside? Fill entire sled with greenery? Place single rose in the center of the sled making it the highest point in the arrangement? Fit the wrapped package onto the back part of the sled at an angle? Place the roses as shown on either side of the sled? Fill in with the gerber daisies and alstromeria? Add the holly berries next to the present making it a bit higher


? 1 to 2 bunches of fresh asparagus $1.99? 1 large jar or vase n/c? Large rubber band and some butchers twine n/c? 3 red rose fall bouquet 3.99? 1 dozen of Sweetheart Roses 5.99? 1 gourd .59? Bunch of wheat 1.99

Total: $14.55


? Place large rubber band around vase or jar? Fit each asparagus under the rubber band fitting them tight together? Wrap butcher’s twine around the rubber band making sure to cover it all and tie a knot? Fill jar with water and fill with greenery? Now place three red roses as shown? Next fill in with sweetheart roses, mums and berries? Add wheat stalks


? Mercury Glass Votives (any color glasses will do) n/c? Floral foam 1.25? Greenery n/c? Single rose per votive holder $6.99

Total: $8.24

Directions? Fill each holder with floral foam? Fill with greenery all around? Place rose in the middle, making it the higher than the greens? Place each arrangement at or on each guest’s plate

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