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Whenever I go to the craft store I find myself spending a good few minutes in the aisle filled with bags of colorful stones. I had a fish once (until I accidentally cooked him in the sun. R.I.P. Melvin) and I had always planned to fill the bottom of his bowl with the prettiest stones (he didn’;t make it that long). Since I clearly can’;t even keep a fish alive, I decided to put the stones to a different use and turn them into this pretty trivet to go with my favorite Christmas present ever. What do you think? Pick out a bag of colorful pebbles and let’;s get started.

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DIY Stone and Cork Trivet

Materials:Cork TrivetsBlack River PebblesE6000? Craft Adhesive

Glue the pebbles to the trivet starting from the middle and working your way to the edge. It’;s best to stick with pebbles that are pretty flat on both sides.

Set your trivet to dry for a few hours and then it’;s ready to use.

Yesanniversary gifts for couples, it’;s seriously that easy!

Adam Savage designed an EDC, or Every Day Carry bag along with Mafia bags. He sells these bags in partnership with Mafia, but also made the patterns for his bags available as a digital download and a physical paper copy. I purchased the pattern on paper and have now made two finished bags.This instructable will be somewhat non-traditional, as I will not be providing dimensions or the pattern itself. I am carefully chosing what I share as to not infringe on Adams work, and to encourage you to purchase the patterns from Adam himself at adamsavage.com.

Crayons are a great way for children to express their creativity. An unfortunate side effect of crayon use is that you will accumulate many pieces of broken crayon that are simply too small to use.

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