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Hello WeAllSew readers! My name is Beth and I blog and design over at Sew DIY. I love easy, useful sewing projects and today I’m super excited to share a?free pattern for adding a yoga-style stirrup to a pair of leggings. Even though I sew most of my own clothes, I like to stay up to date on what is happening in ready-to-wear fashion. In my research, I stumbled upon a few pairs of stirrups leggings. I experienced more than a little bit of nostalgic ’;80s déjà vu and was really excited to see a stirrup variation perfect for yoga. Rather than just a thin strip of fabric that goes under the foot, these leggings have an opening for the heel and cover the center arch area of the foot. I have tendency to get cold feet and these leggings are a great solution for keeping my feet warm while allowing enough foot to be exposed to maintain a steady yoga pose.

To make these leggings, we’ll start with your favorite leggings pattern and then I’ll show you how to add a stirrup onto the hem of each leg. Leggings are a really funanniversary gifts for couples, quick project to sew and a great way to get started sewing with 4-way stretch fabric. I used the Virginia Leggings by Megan Nielsen which I particular like because it?comes with variations for a high waist and extra-long inseam. You can also draft your own leggings pattern using this tutorial from Randomly Happy (which I have successfully used a few times before).

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To help you out, I drafted the yoga-style stirrup pattern that you can download and print. (Link to the pdf pattern is in the materials?list.) The great thing about leggings and stretchy fabric is that the fit is very forgiving. However, everyone is shaped differently and fabrics stretch differently, so I recommend cutting out one stirrup, basting it together at the center seam and trying it on to check the fit. I included some notes on the pattern where you might want to make adjustments. For reference, I have a narrow, size 11 foot. So, this foot covering might look small on my foot but my feet are longer than average.?When I make these again, I’m definitely going to try lengthening the stirrup for maximum foot coverage.

STEP 1: Download and print PDF stirrup pattern with scaling set to none. Measure the 1″; test square on the pattern to make sure it has printed the correct size.

STEP 2: Sew together your leggings following your chosen pattern, but do not hem them yet. Cut one stirrup out of fabric and baste the seam that goes along the bottom of the foot. Try it on and evaluate?the fit. Adjust pattern if desired and cut out your second stirrup to match.

STEP 3: First, we’;ll prepare the stirrups for attaching to the leggings. Finish long bottom edge of stirrup using a serger or overlocker. If you don’;t have an overlocker, you can leave this edge raw (knit fabrics don’;t unravel like woven fabrics) or try one of the overlock stitches on your conventional machine.

Fold stirrup right sides together and stitch short edge using a 3/8 inch seam allowance. This seam can be stitched using a serger or with the super stretch stitch on your conventional machine (stitch #9 on the?B 350 PE, shown above).

Fold the bottom edge of the stirrup to the wrong side and topstitch using a zig zag stitch (stitch #2 on the?B 350 PE). If desired, finish the curved edge using an overlocker. Turn the curved edge to the wrong side and topstitch in place. Here I’;m using a walking foot to help move the stretchy knit fabric evenly under the needle.

STEP 4: With right sides together, center stirrup on center front of legging hem. Stitch stirrup to legging at 3/8 inch seam allowance using a narrow zig-zag stitch or super stretch stitch (stitch #9). If desired, finish hem using an overlocker.

STEP 5: Press seam allowance towards legging and topstitch in place using a zig-zag stitch or twin needle. (Hopefully your topstitching is a little straighter than mine is here. ?? I’;m not a perfectionist when it comes to casual garments like leggings.)

I’ve loved wearing these and since finishing, have worn them pretty much non-stop. The style makes me feel like an athletic ballerina, even if I’m just sitting around watching tv and sewing. Plus, I like to think (er, hope) that having a new athletic garment will inspire me to keep my fitness resolutions. I hope you enjoy the pattern and happy sewing!

Today I have something fun for ?Easter. ?Even if you don’t full out decorate for Easter, you can print out these “Hippity Hoppity Easter’s On Its Way” banner sheets on card stock, cut them out, add some string, and have it hung in under an hour!