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You may have noticed that different species bloom at different times in the spring.? For months, we get to enjoy Mother Nature’s timetable. First we see little spring flowers poking their heads through the snow, then buds appear on the trees and not too much later, the grasses start budding and sporting their full color. By summer, they’re lush.? But for allergy sufferers, this schedule has special significance – the blooming season of each species is potentially something they dread. And this year is going to be worse than most.

Why? As with other tricks up Mother Nature’s sleeve, the bloom timetable is a result of a complexity of factors? –;? just one of which is the weather. ?And as anyone north of tropical or semi-tropical climes will attest, the recent winter was long and severe. Even now, near the beginning of Mayanniversary gifts for couples, there is still snow on the ground in some locations? –; and the timetable is a mess.

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Since it wasn’t warm enough for trees to get a head start on the grasses, they’re all going to be blooming at once. For allergy sufferers, that means a double or triple dose of the pollen they dread!

How Can You Meet the Challenge of All That Pollen?

Of course, you will have to follow your normal allergy routine, but pollen is only one source of onslaught to the immune system. If you can relieve the burden of other sources, you have a much better chance of fighting off the pollen.

How do you do that exactly?

Everything that is toxic to your body – whether ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin – sets your immune system into action. When the body has to deal with too many things, you wind up with symptoms of overload. In the case of pollen, those symptoms are usually a runny nose, difficulty breathing, swollen and itchy eyes, sometimes a rash, and so on.

The simple solution is to eliminate as many as possible of the other things putting demands on your immune system.

Here are a few suggestions:

–; Stop eating food containing preservatives and other chemicals. Instead, choose fresh, organic produce, meat and poultry without hormones and antibiotics, and stay low on the sugar and other junk food. Not only will this relieve the chemical burden, it will actually boost the immune system.

–; Get rid of household cleaning products and personal care items that contain potentially toxic chemicals. See our blog, Are You Getting the Whole Truth About Your Personal Body Care Products for a list of chemicals to avoid in that type of product. For information on chemicals in household cleaning products, check out the Environmental Working Group’s household products database. It has a great search engine containing information on more than 2,000 products.? They also have a list of the best household cleaning products.

–; Switch out your furniture. Okay, that’s not so easy to do. Not all of us can afford to replace all their couches, chairs, tables, and so on with products that are made with organic materials or, at the very least, don’t contain chemicals that may be off-gassing toxic fumes into the air you’re breathing. But you can, and should, make some changes if at all possible. One good change to make is your beds – after all, you spend about eight hours a day in bed, with your nose very close to the mattress, not to mention breathing the bedroom air. This is especially important for kids, who don’t have the resources adults have to fight off allergies because their immune system is still developing.

At Naturepedic, we make organic crib mattresses and twin mattresses that are perfect for your kids. Not only are they free of toxic chemicals, some even have built-in dust mite barriers – dust mites can also cause reactions. Plus, our infant and kids’ mattresses don’t contain latex or wool, both of which can be a source of allergy or sensitivity.

I hope this helps you and your children to really enjoy the season and have a lovely spring!

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